The Concept

The concept regards the business world as follows:

You are an investor. You have a nice winter budget for some new not so “high risk” investments..

Why waste your spending budget  on some wako dudes with no business experience and an overenthusiastic business plan? … borrowed from somewhere

You can very well buy successful  start up business ( especially from your area of business ) and close them right away.. or at least before the reach an important development stage. This practice will keep you market share up!  Coke is doing this for years !!!  We will never have the chance to buy some good quality drinks except from that soda crap.

Anyway , the idea is:

Being an investor is a down to earth  practice. The future does not sound pretty good and is definitely nor bright nor orange! The future holds a lot of uncertainties, yet unseen new business opportunities.

New Media is just one of this business opportunities. Here is an insight

On this website you will probably find ( that is if I won’t forget about it ) some really good tips about bad practices and how to run investments and  business.


Why not!

Anything is possible until it’s banned . If it needs to be banned only by practice this will be met. Try to profit from it  until then!

There is also the CSR bull shit you can rely on when needed .

And if you want to have a good return of investment  start spending now!


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