Youth Projects

24 01 2010


Through our project we intent on giving youth people all over Europe a life lesson by inviting them in large numbers on fictive seminars in training that they have to register and deposit a considerable fee in advance.  We intend on giving them a real life empiric situation in which they found themselves alone in a distant and somehow inaccessible location on Turkey or Eastern Europe, where the have to cope up with different sets of challenges, that not even us can think of, in order to make it back one week later on the scheduled flight they had pre-booked. During theirs stay we will analyze their behavior through our undercover participants that “happen” to be in the same situation and who, for some minor sexual favors,  are willing to share a flat of some local friends that “happens” to be free since the residents are attending a 2 week training course in some other part of the world. The locations will be set up with lots of hidden and spy cameras in order for us to transmit live orgies to all our adult website – . After doping them well we expect they would likely lose all sense of time and space, and since we will strip them of all their belongings, they can remain as long as the public , or our sexually obsessed sponsor, demands it… or until we will have another group of participants coming. we do have scheduled another one one week later -> so the program can run smoothly. when they get back home their parents will receive a very detailed report of their activities including the best parts in HD quality format.  As co-financing we will arrange that the participants offer “special” services to local residents .

2 be sent to Closed Society Institutes by December 31




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